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A Guide to Parlay and Teaser Bets 

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Parlay and teasers combine different bets into one wager. With this bundle bet, a punter can get high profits from small bets. This post explores the definitions of parlay bets and teaser bets NFL, looking at everything you need to know about these two. Let us get right into the details.

Parlay Bets: What are they?

As mentioned in the introduction, a parlay is a group of wagers that connects the outcomes of many sporting events into one bet. Winning this bet requires that all your predictions are correct. Parlay bets can include two or more wager selections.

It can also be as many as ten bets or even more. However, you must note that some bookmakers limit the number of wagers you can have in one of these bets. Different wager types can make up a single parlay, and you can bet against the prop bets, over/under, or moneyline in a single stake.

Note that you cannot parlay with a moneyline bets and the spread of a game in a single bet. That is because the results are linked directly and would mean that you are making two bets on one outcome. Lots of bookies allow punters to wager on cross-sport parlays.

That means you can pair an NBA game outcome with NFL and Soccer bets. Nevertheless, some bookmakers would not allow this. As a matter of fact, some platforms offer punters odds boosts or increased odds for betting parlays. Therefore, check out what is acceptable and what is not at a betting site before you sign up.

Highlights of Parlay Payouts

The first thing to understand is that bookmakers offer different odds on parlays, albeit slightly. Some offer more lucrative odds than others. Therefore, take the time to review a couple of sites and compare odds before you sign up.

Can You Push in Parlay Bets?

The sportsbook determines how a push or a tie in one or multiple of your predictions affects your parlay. Usually, your push is considered a loss and you have to give up your wager, irrespective of whether or not other outcomes are right.

Also, some bookmakers give a money-back guarantee to punters who have a push as one of their outcomes. This often comes as a return for your initial wager. Additionally, some bookies allow the removal of a push as a leg of your parlay.

With this, you will receive an adjusted payout. While it can be tasking, you may have to painstakingly review the terms and conditions of the bookmaker to know the policies relating to a push. You can bet that it is a worthwhile investment.

Teaser Bets: What are they?

How do football teaser bets work? Teaser bets are a variation of parlay. However, it comprises wagers placed against totals or spread. With teasers, punters can modify the spreads set by bookmakers. That means you can tease the spread of your market to boost your chance of winning or spice things up for significantly high odds.

What to know about Monster Teasers

Monster teaser bets NFL are a unique teaser bet type that experiences changes in point spread by a significantly bigger margin than a standard teaser. Also known as Sweetheart teasers, these wagers are easier to win because the odds are increased in favor of the punter.

It also offers a smaller payout, which means you risk more than you get back in the classic three-team monster/sweetheart teaser. How does the monster teaser work? The point spread is moved in the punter’s favor by ten points. The odds are usually around -110 to -150 at some bookmakers’.

The wagers often consist of a 3-team pick but can include additional games. In some cases, bettors can find monster teasers with more than a 10-point tease option. Although these teasers are attractive because the odds are significant, they are a multi-selection wager over multiple games.

Therefore, even if all your predictions are correct, you will not make a significant profit at the end of the day. There you have answers to the question – how do teaser bets work?

Is it Advisable to Bet on Parlays?

Are teaser bets worth it? Parlays are undoubtedly some of the most fun bets out there. This is especially the case if you are enjoying a weekend with friends and watching your favorite sports. You can put in some money with a little potential to win the big bet.

However, experts in the betting world believe these wagers are for suckers. That is because lots of people are putting in cash with long odds that may never deliver a positive expected value proposition.

We recommend that you thoroughly research these bets before placing them. Wager on safe outcomes to enable you to build a good odds multiplication without risking too much. Additionally, research a few bookmakers and select those who offer the freedom on how you place these bets, such as enabling payouts with a push as a part of the legs.



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