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CSGO Betting Guide: How to Bet on Counter-Strike in 2023

There is currently significant growth in CSGO betting across the world. Today, you will find this e-sport as a standard offering at most traditional bookmakers. There are global players playing matches virtually globally at various skill levels and leagues.

CSGO has many options to explore, which means punters can look forward to exciting betting opportunities in the game. Are you new to CSGO betting? You do not have to worry. We have everything you need to get started with betting on the game. Let us get right into the details!

CSGO: What is it and how is it Played?

Also known as Counter-Strike, CSGO is the biggest e-sport globally. One reason for its popularity and acceptance is that it has two attractive gaming elements – playing and watching. Also, the fact that money is on the line makes it more exciting for bettors. While it may seem simple, CSGO involves skills and strategy.

You have two teams of five attempting to accomplish the objective of planting a bomb and trying to stop the other from planting the bomb. Each team has an opportunity to play the terrorist side or the counter-terrorist side. The terrorist side is the one trying to plan the bomb, while the counter-terrorist team is the one defending against it.

Although the game is easy to understand, it is quite complex at a closer look. The game runs until one team wins sixteen rounds. There are thirty rounds in the game, excluding overtime. That means both teams must have effective strategies and skills to outperform the other during each round.

The complexities of the game are in the rounds. Firstly, at the beginning of each round, both teams get an amount of money depending on whether they lost or won the previous game round. The team may have adequate funds to buy all they need to implement their plans.

Other times, they may not have enough, and they must use different tactics and tricks to maximize the little they have. The dynamics of the game make it an exhilarating gameplay to watch, especially if it is played in a competitive environment.

History of CSGO Betting

Before exploring how to bet on CSGOlounge, it is expedient to explore the history of the e-sport a little. E-sports started between the late 1990s and early 2000s. At this time, South Korea was the hub of the first big e-sport game, Starcraft: Brood Way. It became big to the point that it started attracting global views.

With time, it found its way into the betting market. As the first e-sport betting market began to evolve, Counter-Strike launched into the market in the early 2000s. Within a short time, its popularity exploded and it became a global e-sport. This landmark event expanded the e-sport gaming industry and more people became focused on Counter Strike betting.

It is interesting to note that in 2018, Mark Cuban invested heavily in the e-sports betting site, Unikrn, with the foresight that it would become widely accepted. With the growth in CSGO gambling, e-sports bookmakers are adding more games to their game library, with the most popular being the CSGO betting markets.

As e-sports betting becomes more mainstream and more and more betting sites are launched, it can become overwhelming to choose. To have a memorable betting experience, knowing where and how to bet on CSGOlounge is very crucial.

How to Bet on CSGO

With a background understanding of CSGO, the next step to explore is how to bet on it. Let us look at the step-by-step guide on how to get started with CSGO gambling.

  • Step 1: Visit a reputable betting site. You can browse through our platform to find the top options.
  • Step 2: Sign up for a betting account on the site.
  • Step 3: Deposit an amount you want to wager and claim your bonus if there is any.
  • Step 4: Select a match to wager on and play around with various bet types to see the odds available for them.
  • Step 5: When you have decided on the type to choose, place your wager.
  • Step 6: Wait for the outcome of the match and claim your winnings. The CSGO bet is straightforward and works like other traditional sports betting.

Top Reasons to Explore CSGO Betting

The level of engagement in CSGO makes it an exciting betting option for many. It is exhilarating at the same time to watch your best team win as you win with them. Of course, betting alone is fun, but it is more entertaining and enjoyable to bet with friends.

If you have a couple of friends wagering with you as you ride on the game, you experience more excitement. Whether you are all engaging in friendly banter or cheering for the same team, you are sure to have fun when betting on this e-sport.

Top Things to Keep in Mind when Wagering on CSGO

Before you gamble CSGO, it is crucial to understand some things. This is to give you a boost in your betting and increase your chance of winning. Here are the top things to have in mind when betting on the e-sport.

  • #1: Understand the sport you are wagering on. It is essential to have a good understanding of the favorites and odds to gamble responsibly. You may want to read up more on the game to understand how it is played. Additionally, take the time to check how betting works to gain confidence and skills in betting on it.
  • #2: Understand the betting markets before you bet. CSGO betting is not something to do on a whim. You must understand the market and how it works. With good knowledge and insight into the market, you are likely to bet blindly. The outcome of this is a streak of losses.
  • #3: Choose Reputable betting sites. There are many betting sites online offering CSGO gamble markets to punters. However, you must choose carefully. Some of the best options include Bet365, LeoVegas, Cyber.bet, DraftKing, Pinnacle, 22Bet, and Betway.

You can also sign up with Buff.bet, GG.bet, Stake.com, Unikrn, TonyBet, Luckbox, Vie.bet, Winners.bet, Loot.bet, Arcanebet, and Neo.bet. All these are some of the best betting sites for this e-sport. You will also find many other betting markets to explore if you are up for some adventurous gambling.

Do not forget that there are many things you must learn when betting on CSGO. Do not rush into it. Take the time to understand how it works. The first place to start is by following CS GO matches to see how it is played. From there, you can begin to bet. Once you get over the first challenge of placing your first bet, it gets easier and more enjoyable.

Betting Tips for CSGO

Without a doubt, betting for the first time can be frightening. The thought of putting your money on the line can scare you. However, that is all part of the fun. With the right tips, you can make the best of your CSGO gambling adventure.

So, what tips can help you become a better bettor in this e-sport? The first thing you must understand is that there are many factors worth considering before placing your first bet. Here are practice betting tips to become successful in CSGO betting.

Tip #1: Have adequate betting Funds

The first step towards betting on this market is to have enough funds. You do not have to rely only on your deposits. You can get extra funds from bonuses. We recommend you choose a gambling site that offers an attractive welcome bonus and wagering requirements.

For instance, when you deposit ₹8000 on Unikrn, you get an additional ₹16000 for betting. That gives you a total of ₹24000 to gamble. We highly recommend that you wager with money you can lose because nothing is guaranteed in gambling.

Tip #2: Research the game and the Market

It s crucial to do your research before you bet at CSGO betting sites. The depth and complexities of Counter-Strike make the sport entertaining and enthralling to watch. It is also very difficult to predict at the same time.

As a matter of fact, punters who have been watching and playing the game for years are still learning more about the game. That leaves extensive learning room for new punters looking to delve into betting on this e-sport. Here are crucial factors to research before betting on CSGO:

  • Previous performances of the teams and players: Counter-Strike is momentum-based, and if a team is having a ten-game losing streak, there is a high chance they are not mentally prepared for their next match. On the other hand, winning teams will have more confidence and mental preparedness to participate in the competition.
  • The history between the two teams: A team can have a mental block when facing an opponent they have a bad experience with in earlier games. They can also experience downtime at a certain phase of the game. Therefore, it is crucial to research the teams and analyze their earlier performances and the teams they had a face-off with before embarking on the current game.
  • Possible roster move: When a team recently did a reshuffling, their primary objective is to figure out the perfect play style for their new team, and optimal performance may be impaired. You should watch out for this when choosing a team to wager on.
  • Schedule of the match: The time a team plays will affect their performance. For instance, if a team has to play at 5:00 am, there is a high chance that their performance will not be optimal compared to a team playing at 1:00 pm.
  • Your chosen betting market: There are many CS GO matches to bet on, and choosing the best is critical to your success. You must research the different markets to find the one with the best edge. For instance, if your research shows that a team is famous for playing over 25 rounds per game, wagering on such a team could be a profitable option for you.

Is it Safe to Bet on CSGO?

Yes, it is safe to bet on CSGO, especially if you choose a licensed and regulated e-sports betting site. If you want to have a seamless gaming experience, we recommend you choose reputable CSGO betting sites. Thankfully, the e-sport is becoming more regulated, and so are betting platforms offering betting markets to punters.

Betting at a trustworthy site gives you the peace of mind that your fund is safe. It also allows you to have fun knowing that whatever the outcome of the event, you are getting fair treatment from the gambling site.

Highlights of the Biggest Events for CSGO Betting

Many popular events feature the best CSGO gamers, and it is impossible to mention all of them. However, let us look at some of the primary markets you may want to focus on for your betting adventure.

#1: BLAST Premier

This is a bi-annual event held in spring and fall every season. Each portion of the event is grouped into a Group Stage, Showdown, and Season Finals. There is also the pen-ultimate World Final, which comes at the end of the season. It is worth mentioning that the BLAST Premier season features a seven-event circuit held all through the year. It offers many betting markets punters can explore.

#2: ESL Pro League

This is another bi-annual CSGO event organized by ESL. The event features 24 best teams from across the world. It holds twice a year during the spring and fall. It is worth mentioning that it is currently in its fourteenth season.

#3: Flashpoint

Here is the first franchised CSGO league, which features eight permanent teams competing each year in two seasons. The league changed its format a few years back to accommodate the RMR rankings.

Apart from these three, there are others worth checking out in the betting market. ESL One Cologne and IEM Katowice are two of the biggest and most highly advertised LAN tournaments. These events hold in February and July yearly and witness global elites compete for the prize.




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