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How to bet on cricket is one of the most popular search topics among punters in India. The reason for this is simple – the sport is one of the most popular sports betting markets in the country. Cricket has been around for many centuries and has gained popularity across the world.

For some, watching cricket events is the best entertainment for the weekend. For others, betting on sports is an attraction that nothing compares to. Cricket has numerous betting opportunities to explore, making it a top choice for many bettors.

Are you an Indian bettor looking for how to bet on cricket in India? This post is for you. We hope that you will gain a better understanding of cricket betting from this guide. Let us dive into all you have to know before you place your first cricket wager.

Batsman Match Betting: What to Know

Batsman match betting has a lot in common with bowler match betting. It is also a simplified variant of the top batsman bet. Unlike where you wager on the top batsman from all players on both teams, batsman match betting allows you to choose from a pair of two players.

These are players you think will score more runs. In other words, you have to predict which of both players will score more runs in the series or match.

Bowler Match Bets: What to Know

This bet type is a simplified variant of the top bowler bet. The top bowler bet lets you select who will be the top bowler from all players. However, a bowler match bet gives you two players and you only have to choose the correct player that will be the top bowler from the two.

What is a Completed Match?

This type of wager is made according to the assumption of the punter as to whether a match will finish on the same day or not. It is worth mentioning that different things can cause a match to extend beyond the stipulated time. For instance, climate and weather conditions can disrupt a game and stop it from continuing.

A match can also last longer than expected for different reasons. Therefore, a punter can place a bet based on whether the event will finish on the same day or if it will extend. This bet type only requires that you bet a yes or not.

Betting on cricket is one of the best ways to get more value from one of your favorite sports. For punters who are new to cricket betting, the best way to get into the sport is to ease gently into it. We recommend that you start betting smaller amounts on more basic betting options. As you gain a better comfort level and advance in your gambling, you can start exploring more complex wagers described in this post.

We recommend that you pay attention to choosing the right betting site for your cricket betting. There are scores of sites offering cricket betting markets, but not all of them are as reputable as they would want you to think. Therefore, take the time to do your due diligence before signing up with a platform.

Additionally, it is best to sign up with multiple betting sites to help you shop for the best betting odds. Some crucial factors to consider when choosing a gambling platform include the reputation of the site, available odds, and the size of the cricket betting markets.

Also, look out for the availability of in-play betting and live-streaming service. All these contribute to factors that make gambling an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

How Does Cricket Betting Work?

Second, to only football, cricket remains one of the most popular global sports. It boasts over 2.5 billion participants across the world. The game also offers numerous opportunities to bet for both casual and experienced sports fans. There are different betting options available to Indian punters.

These include match betting, tied match, completed match, top bowler, innings runs, top batsman, series winners, and tournament winners, among others. In this section on how to bet on cricket online, we will explore some of these betting options. Let us delve into the details.

Innings Run

Innings run wager involves predicting the number of runs to be scored in the first innings of the match. This type of bet, like many other bet types, presents a specific number of runs. Punters can wager on whether the actual number of runs will be less (under) or more (over) the pre-set runs.

It is worth mentioning that in some cricket formats, such as T20, there are two innings featuring each team batting once. Other formats include four or more innings, with the participating teams alternating batting.

Match Betting

This is one of the commonest cricket wagers thanks to its simplicity. When placing a match bet, punters must select from three options. The available betting options are the away team will win the match, the home team will win the match, and the teams will tie. Punters can bet on one of these options.

Some sportsbooks also offer double-chance cricket bets, where a bettor can bet on a team to win or draw. This is a popular football betting format. If you are new to cricket betting, match betting is the easiest way to add stakes to a match and bet on cricket to win.

Over/Under Score

Indian bettors can also wager on the score of one of the teams in cricket betting. At the start of a match, the bookie lists a set score for each team. The punter can wager on whether they think the team’s actual score will be under or over the amount.

Series Score

In addition to the option of betting on over/under scores, bettors can also wager on the score of a series in matches. This kind of score refers to the total matches lost and won rather than the number of runs scored. Usually, the sportsbook lists various combinations of cricket matches lost and won for both teams before the series.

For instance, in a 3-game series, the home team may win the series with two wins and lose one match (2-1). A punter can predict the score they think accurately characterizes the number of matches lost and won for a team in the series.

Tied Match

Another betting type to know when looking for how to bet on cricket and win is the tied match. Tied match betting is pretty straightforward. A punter only has to choose if they think a match will end in a tie or not. A correct prediction means a winning bet. You can cash out your winning at the end of the event.

Top Batsman Betting

This type of betting involves a bettor predicting the specific player to score the most goals in a particular match or series. The predicted player can be from either of the teams competing on the pitch.

Punters can also wager on the team of the top batsman for a series or match. Since the odds for this bet type is higher and bettors only have two options to choose from, the payout is usually low compared to predicting the top batsman correctly.

Top Bowler

Here is another bet type that punters can wager in a cricket match. Betting on the top bowler entails predicting which player from either team will have the most wickets in the match. If you predict correctly, you win the bet.

Tournament Outright Winner and Series Winner

A tournament outright winner wager involves the bettor predicting the team that they think will win the tournament. When placing this type of wager, bettors can check the lines of all teams participating in the tournament from the sportsbook. This is to boost their prediction precision.

In addition to betting on the tournament’s outright winner, punters can also wager on the team they think will win a specific series of matches. While a team may win a match in the series, the team must win the entire series to the wager to win. It is worth mentioning that these betting types also work when looking for how to bet on IPL.

Cricket is mostly affected by the playing conditions. First, let us talk about the weather, which is uncontrollable. When betting on cricket, it is crucial to take a look at the weather forecast throughout the match. This helps you to gauge whether or not the weather will have a negative effect on the game. Another important thing to check is the pitch and ground history.

Punters must be able to predict the effect the venue would have on the performance of the teams. For instance, the match type and cricket betting odds are often determined by the surface the players would be playing. While no two pitches are the same year-on-year, some wickets play the same because of the grass or soil type.

This can make it difficult for a groundsman to alter the type of pitch they have. Understanding the nature of the venue will help you make an informed decision when betting on cricket. The form of the teams and players also play a critical role in the outcome of a cricket event. Therefore, take the time to understand the team formation and the individual players.


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