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How To Bet on Football for Beginners

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How to Bet on Football for Beginners

Football remains one of the most played sports in the world. Over 3 billion global viewers stay glued to their TV screens during each tournament during the World Cup. The men’s tournaments are not the only Football games making waves.

The Women’s Super League matches are also enjoying immense viewership. For instance, the 2019 Women’s Super League recorded over 31,000 guests at the Ladies Manchester Derby. The increased broadcasting witnessed by this sport has raised many foreign superstars competing with legends.

These legends include Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, and Frank Lampard, among others. Of course, men are not the only ones making Football popular. It is impossible to talk about the rise in Football without mentioning the significant effort of the Women’s teams.

For instance, the US Women’s team set a new record in 2019 where they won their fourth world cup. The team broke ten records during the tournament, including the most goals in a single game, the most individual goals, the fastest goal scored, the most consecutive wins, and more.

Today, many bookmakers are becoming increasingly expanding their Football betting markets. That means punters can bet on football irrespective of their locations. There are more markets to bet on today. If you are new to Football betting, this post provides a comprehensive guide on how to bet on Football and everything you need to get started. Let us dive into the details.

Football Moneyline Odds: What to Know

If you want to select the winner of a Football match, the moneyline bets is the best option. The moneyline bet is a simple bet where you wager on the team to win, lose, or draw in a match, irrespective of the number of goals scored.

What are Positive American Odds?

When a team has a positive (+) number attached to its odds, it means the match is the underdog. The number shows the amount of money you will win if you place a bet of ₹8000. For instance, when you see American odds of +200, it means that you will win ₹16000 if you wager ₹8000. That means you make a total of ₹24000, which is the total of your wager and the profit.

What are Negative American Odds?

Represented by a negative (-) sign, these odds are associated with the favorite team. In other words, the number tells you the amount you must wager to win ₹8000 if your prediction is correct. That means if you have American odds of -200, you will win ₹8000 if you wager ₹16000.

That means you get a total of ₹24000 at the end of your wager. It is worth mentioning that both teams can be in the negative, which means the match prediction is a close one. For this, the team with the highest negative number is the bookmaker’s favorite.

What to Know about Decimal Odds

While American odds are the most popular you see when you are placing a bet on football, there are other variances available across other regions outside the United States. One such is the decimal odds variance.

Decimal odds are popular and reflect what you make when you wager one unit. For instance, when you have decimal odds of 3.0, it means that when you bet ₹80, you will win ₹250. So, if you wager ₹8000, you win ₹24000 in return.

What are Fractional Odds?

You can also find fractional odds when you bet on football. These are mostly used in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. They provide an alternative to wagering and show profits relative to the wager.

In other words, your bet is the figure you see on the right and the winning is left of the fraction. For instance, if you place a wager of 10/1, it means you will receive a ₹800 return when you bet ₹80. That means you receive a ₹880 payout.

Football Odds Calculator: What is it?

Whether you prefer using Fractions, American, or decimals, the odds converter enables you to easily interpret all MLS odds and the winning probability.

What is Totals Betting – Under/Over?

This is another popular bet type where the bettor has to predict the number of goals to be scored in an MLS match. The bookie establishes the margin and the punter determines whether the result will be lower or higher than the selected goals Talley.

For instance, a bookie can offer odds of +2.5 goals scored in a game between FC Toronto and LA Galaxy. The bettor has to bet on whether three or more goals will be scored collectively (over-bet) or whether the goals will be less (under-bet). The odds may also reflect 0.5 decimal, which removes the chance of a draw happening.

What to Know about Point Spread Betting

The point spread is also a concept you must know when you want to bet on football. The point spread bet levels uneven teams with the aid of a goal deficit system. It combines both over/under goals and moneyline bets into one. This bet type is becoming more popular and it lets punters wager on the underdogs.

Parlay Betting – Accumulator Odds: What to know

This bet type is a popular Football bet and entails choosing multiple results that must be predicted accurately to win. Parlay Betting comes in different sizes and shapes with a low limit to the number of selections you can make.

The more selections you have, the less likely your wager will come in, which means the odds offer a higher return. Accumulator odds allow for possible returns off small bets.





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