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The simplest option for betting on football for a beginner is the straight bet on the point spread. Making a straight bet requires that the team you wager on cover the point spread. In other words, the underdog must receive a specific number of points or the favorite must win by the predetermined number of points.

So, here is how to bet on football. Usually, the bets on the point spread are given at odds of 11-10. That means the punter must wager ₹900 for each ₹800 they want to win. Therefore, when placing this type of bet, it is standard to wager in ₹900 increments, such as ₹1700, ₹4500, ₹9000, and so on.

Example of Football Betting

Time Bet Team Line Total Money
2:00 pm 101 Washington 42 +140
102 Philadelphia -3 -160

Looking at the point spread and wagering sheets highlighted above, Philadelphia is favored by 3 points (-3). If a bettor wagers on Philadelphia, the team must win the match by more than three points for the punter to win his bet.

On the other hand, Washington must win the game or lose by a maximum of two points for a player that wagers on Washington at +3 to win his bet. The number beside the point spread (42) refers to the Total for the game. This is also known as Over/Under, and it is the combination of the number of points accrued by both teams.

A gambler can bet that the final score will be less or more than the number. It is worth noting that all points scored during overtime are also counted as part of the final score. Just like with the point spread, the punter bets ₹900 for every ₹800 they want to win or multiples of them. In other words, the bettor would wager ₹4500 to win ₹4000, and so on.

Football Betting: What to Know

It is worth noting that point spreads fluctuate. However, when the wager is placed in sports betting, the odds are fixed. Bettors should also note that the point spread on their printed ticket, which is set at the time of the bet, may differ from the opening/closing point spread of the game. It may also differ from the odds on the wagering sheets.

What to Know about the Money Line

In addition to the point spread, punters can also wager on the money line. Let us look at how to bet on football and win. Using the table above, the money line is the figure used to display the odds. The team with the negative symbol net to the money odds is the favorite.

In the above example, punters can wager on Philadelphia to win the game using -160 instead of the 3-point spread at -110. A bet of ₹1300 on Philadelphia would return ₹800 for a payout of ₹2100. A wager of ₹13000 would win ₹8000 for a total payout of ₹21000.

In the same way, a ₹8000 wager on Washington would return ₹11500 for a payout total of ₹19500 if the team wins the game.

First Half/Halftime Betting: How It Works

Indian punters can also bet on a total or point spread for only the first or second half of the game. The first-half bet is decided by the score achieved during the halftime of the game. For betting purposes, the halftime bet resets the score of a match to 0-0 at halftime of the match.

Let us say that the Philadelphia team leads the Washington team at halftime with a score of 14-10. If a punter bets on Philadelphia with -3½ points in the second half, the team must win at least eight points to cover the spread. It is worth mentioning that halftime bets also entail other overtime periods played during a match.

Options for Online Football Betting


This is when you combine multiple teams into a single wager. Bettors can also use totals in parlays, and to win this bet, all teams included in the parlay must win. There is also the off-the-board parlay, where the punter parlays from two to ten teams.

When you have a wagering tie or push with the total or point spread, the parlay is reduced to the nearest lowest number of teams. For instance, a four-team parlay with a tie would turn into a three-team parlay.

Parlay Cards

These are most popular in football season and they offer the possibility of a bigger return on a small wager. Punters can darken the circles around the stub associated with the teams on their parlay, the wager amount, and the number of the desired teams.

There are different types of parlay cards punters can explore during football season. Each parlay card has a specific payoff scale. The most common type of parlay card is the half-point card. This card features a ½-point point spread and removes the change of a wagering tie.


Football has different teasers, including 6, 6½, 7, 10, and 14-point. A teaser enables a punter to subtract points on a favorite or add extra points for an underdog in multiple games. Note that you can mix football and basketball on the same teaser. Where a wagering tie occurs in any game, the teaser gets reduced to the next lowest point, except if it is 10 and 14-point teasers.

For example, a four-team teaser with a tie would become a three-team teaser, and so on. Also, where you have a wagering tie, a two-team teaser is regarded as “No Action.” The money wagered on such a bet is refunded to the bettors. It is worth mentioning that where you have 10 and 14-point teasers, having a tie means a loss.

It is worth mentioning that the information provided on how to bet on football is not the official house rules. Punters must know that the betting rules and conditions of any bookmaker are subject to change. Therefore, we recommend that you check the official house rules of a gambling site for up-to-date rules and wagering requirements.



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