Poirier vs Gaethje 2 - UFC 291 Fight Preview & Betting Tips

Poirier vs Gaethje 2 – UFC 291 Fight Preview & Betting Tips

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On July 30, at UFC 291, a classic lightweight fight – Poirier vs Gaethje – is set to headline the event. Read our preview for this fight to know who has the upper hand.




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Event Preview

UFC 291 will take place on July 30 at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. The BMF title will be on the line in a classic lightweight fight – Poirier vs Gaethje. It will be a five-round main event and is one of the biggest fights UFC can offer right now with its current roaster.

This will be the second meeting between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. Their previous fight was in 2018 at the UFC on Fox, and that match had everything you can expect from a good MMA bout. The fans are extremely excited about this highly anticipated bout.

On the other hand, UFC has also raised the stakes for the match by declaring that the winner will receive the vacant BMF title. Not only that but the winner of this match is also expected to get some big MMA fight soon. So, Poirier vs Gaethje is that one fight in which both fighters will try their best to put on a show. Who has the best chance to win? Read our preview of the fight to know.

Poirier vs Gaethje – Fight Preview

Given that both competitors are renowned for their relentless aggression and knockout power, this fight between lightweight giants is sure to be an exciting one. Fans expected a lot from their first fight, and it delivered as both fighters went back and forth against each other. Poirier was able to withstand the early storm from Gaethje because of his precise defense and potent counterattacks. In keeping with his usual strategy, Gaethje rushed forward forcefully in search of the finishing blow. Poirier discovered an opening in the fourth round and took advantage of it to win via TKO.

Although Poirier won the first bout between them, Justin Gaethje is standing against him better than ever.

Dustin Poirier

Poirier has a record of 29 wins, 7 losses, and 0 draws in UFC. So, he is a fighter who is interested in results. Poirier has a striking accuracy at 50 percent with striking defense at 54 percent. His takedown percentage is 36, with takedown defense at 63 percent.

Poirier has to avoid getting into the clinch in the rematch. By blocking those leg kicks from Gaethje and keeping a decent distance, where his punches and kicks are most effective, he can stand up as the winner.

Justin Gaethje

Standing against Poirier is Gaethje. He has a record of 24 wins and 4 losses in UFC. Gaethje has a striking accuracy of 60 percent, with striking defense at 53 percent. His takedown percentage stands at 25, with takedown defense at 75.

Gaethje uses his low kicks, wiggles around inside, moves his head, and slugs uppercuts in every battle to beat the opponent. He enters the bout as a big threat.

Final Verdict

Dustin Poirier has always been a better fighter, and he is the favorite of the experts to win this bout.

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