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When it comes to gambling, the first thing to consider is the legality of the endeavor in your country of residence. Are you an Indian wondering if betting sites in India are legal? You have come to the right place for accurate information about betting in India.

This site offers comprehensive details about the legality of online betting and legal betting app in India.

Are Betting Sites in India Legal?

The simple answer is yes. That is not all; using a legal betting app in India is also possible. The reason for the legality of gambling online in the country is very straightforward – India has no formal constitutional acts or laws that prevent people from betting online. In other words, residents can use betting sites in India freely.

While there are no official gambling regulatory authorities in India, most reputable offshore betting sites are regulated and licensed in other jurisdictions. Some of these regulatory bodies are the UK Gambling Commission, Curacao Gaming, and the Malta eGaming Authority.

You can review the licensing and regulatory body governing a betting site at the bottom of their website. We recommend that you ascertain that a site offers a legal betting app in India before signing up and downloading the app.

What Are the Gambling Laws in India?

Having established that online betting is legal in India, let’s dive a little deeper into the waters of existing gambling laws in the country. Generally, the gambling laws of a country establish the guidelines and principles of what is accepted and unaccepted in the world of gambling.

So, what are the laws governing gambling in India? Well, India has not adopted any nationwide laws for betting. Gambling was placed on the State List when the nation’s constitution was drafted. That means each state takes its call on the regulations and legalization of gambling within its jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, most states adopted the Public Gambling Act of 1867 with a few alterations. According to the Public Gambling Act, gambling is considered illegal when it occurs in a public space or a common gambling house.

Interestingly, since the government established the law before the advent of the Internet, it does not cover online betting in any regard. This implies that online gambling occupies a grey area where legality is concerned. Thanks to this loophole, Indian bettors can sign up and gamble at any offshore betting site without committing an offense.

Although it is safe to gamble online, bettors should avoid physical gambling houses because most states consider it an illegal and punishable criminal offense that can earn up to three months of imprisonment.

How the Indian Laws Consider Gambling

According to law, gambling is categorized into two types – Games of Skill and Games of Chance. Let us look at these two briefly.

  • Games of Skill

These refer to gambling on games where your skill and knowledge about the game determine your chances of winning. For instance, betting on horseracing and winning requires a certain level of understanding about the horse and the rider. Such a bet requires a calculated decision based on skillful considerations.

Card games considered as games of skill include Teen Patti and Rummy. These games are legal and are available in gambling houses in India. It is worth mentioning that sports betting is currently considered as a game of chance.

However, more states are considering legalizing it since winning requires a good understanding of a chosen sport and everything associated with it.

  • Games of Chance

Games of chance gambling is wagering on an outcome you have no control over. For instance, slot machines and roulette are purely games of chance because players have no control over their outcomes.

Irrespective of your knowledge and skills, winning the bet depends on luck and most Indian states consider betting on such games as illegal. This is one of the reasons gambling houses in India do not offer these games. However, casino lovers can access these games online through a legal betting app in India.

Will Online Betting Ever be Legalized and Regulated in India?

The Indian gambling industry is currently estimated to be about $60 billion and online gambling has the highest market share. Additionally, the younger generation is developing a huge passion for betting on card games and sports, and this is expected to boost the gambling industry further.

Therefore, the question about the possible legalization and regulations of betting sites in India is valid. With the positive economic impact this step can make on the country, it is safe to say that online gambling in India may witness legalization and regulations in the near future.

For instance, some Indian states already started talking about regulating and legalizing online betting sites. Many states are likely to follow suit. It is possible to witness the enactment of some federal laws to legalize and regulate betting sites across India.

With this, the country can make more money by licensing these gambling sites and collecting the mandatory GST. Additionally, the regulation of betting sites will birth indigenous betting sites, which will further boost the economy of the nation. It will also offer punters more options for safe and more competitive betting platforms.

Final Thoughts

While Indians await the possible legalization and regulations of betting sites across the country, they have offshore sites to enjoy their gambling adventure. We recommend choosing a reputable, licensed, and regulated site when signing up to gamble online.

Choosing a site with a legal betting app is also a good idea to make your gambling adventure more entertaining and fun on the go. Punters should also check the payment options available and ensure their chosen platform accepts the India Rupees for transactions before signing up.

Also, many offshore gambling sites now offer UPI as a payment option, which is the most widespread and trusted banking option in India.

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